Sumilon Bluewater Resort

Pristine white sand beaches situated in different areas of the island.Sumilon is a 24 hectare coral island located in the southeastern tip of Cebu.

First Cebu Hobby Convention (HOBCON) 2009

Last June 20-21, Cebu Bloggers Society (CBS) was invited once again by Cane Events productions which is held at Parkmall(north reclamation area) to the “1st Cebu Hobby Convention” in partnership by LEVEL UP! ( .

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NESCAFÉ 3in1 Soundskool 2009

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Contact: Joyce Año/Kristine Facto
Tel: +632 8850001 loc 165/121
Email: /

Davao-based Eevee wins NESCAFÉ 3in1 Soundskool 2009

MANILA, Philippines — Davao-based college band Eevee bagged the grand prize in this year’s NESCAFÉ 3in1 Soundskool. The competition capped off its fifth successful year with a full concert featuring the lucky 13 NESCAFÉ 3in1 Soundskool finalists, as well as some of the country’s best musical acts at the Ninoy Aquino Sports Stadium. Eevee, composed of Enzo Miguel Villegas (vocals and guitar), Paolo Raymundo Segura (lead guitar), Jerrick Adrian Sy (bass) and Craig John Neniel (drums), won the competition’s PhP250,000 cash prize, an exclusive record label deal with Sony Music Entertainment Philippines and PhP150,000 worth of music equipment for the school they represent.

Eevee bags NESCAFÉ 3in1 Soundskool 2009 Grand Prize. The young Davaoeño band from Philippine Women’s University – Davao bested out 12 other college bands during the Grand Finals Night last November 14 at the Ninoy Aquino Sports Stadium in Manila.

Representing Philippine Women’s College of Davao, Eevee bested out 13 of the best college bands from across the country during the Finals night. The lucky 13 college bands that performed at the Ninoy Aquino Sports Stadium this year are: Little School House (Ateneo de Cagayan – Xavier University), Eevee (Philippine Women’s College – Davao), Disco…Disco…Disco (St. Michael’s College – Iligan City), Lady Suzette (AMA – Tacloban), Sundae Special (Iloilo Doctors College), 3 Hours and 10 (University of the Visayas – Cebu), Iktuz (Colegio de San Juan De Letran Calamba - Calamba Laguna), Mixed Tape (Lyceum - St. Cabrini College of Allied Medicine – Batangas), In Descent (University of Perpetual Help Laguna – Binan Laguna), Nameless Heroes (Mapua Institute of Technology - Makati), Play (Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Quezon City), Soltera (AMA - International Institute of Technology - Cubao) and Project (Jose Rizal University).

“We are very overwhelmed with this victory. All the 13 bands that were with us on our “journey to fame” were really good and it was anybody’s game up until show time. We would like to thank NESCAFÉ 3in1 Soundskool for this opportunity for us to realize our dreams as music superstars,” exclaimed Eevee’s frontman Enzo Villegas.

The NESCAFÉ 3in1 Soundskool finalists performed alongside some of the country’s best bands who served as the finalists’ mentors leading up to the Grand Finals Night. The young musicians got to interact, jam and perform alongside chart toppers like NESCAFÉ 3in1 Soundskool Grand Prize Winners Hilera and Letter Day Story, 6CycleMind, Pedicab, Itchy Worms, Imago, Sugarfree, Taken By Cars, Urbandub, Spongecola, Paraluman, Callalily, Sandwich and Moonstar 88. Known dance group Philippine All Stars brought the audience to their feet with their performances. Another rare sight during the NESCAFÉ 3in1 Soundskool Grand Finals Night was when all the vocalists from this year’s mentor bands banded together and shared the stage for one outstanding performance. “It didn’t feel like a competition at all during the Grand Finals Night. Yes, we were nervous but in the end the entire night became a celebration of how much the Filipino youth loves music. We’re really proud to be part of this experience—winning the Grand Prize was just the cherry on top of the delicious cake,” Villegas added.

“NESCAFÉ 3in1 Soundskool’s fifth year has proven to be its most exciting so far. We not only found extraordinary talents this year — the competition has never been this close among the finalists. We’re very proud to see the progress all the finalists have made ever since we saw them during the Eliminations leg in October. Eevee, along with the other 12 finalists this year, have all shown that handa na silang sumikat with the lessons they gained from NESCAFÉ 3in1 Soundskool. If anything, the talent we discovered with this year’s competition only proves that the Filipino youth are indeed ready to make a big splash in the music industry,” said Eileen Rose Bangcoro, NESTLÉ Philippines marketing promotions and events cluster head for NESCAFÉ.

Aside from Bangcoro, the judges during the Grand Finals Night were Sony Music Entertainment Philippines’ Vic Valenciano and Jerrick Mina, Soupstar Entertainment’s Darwin Hernandez, and Soundcreation Studio’s Shinji Tanaka.

This year’s NESCAFÉ 3in1 Soundskool, with the theme “Huwag Na Magtago! Magparamdam Ka Na!” is supported by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), Sony Music Entertainment Philippines, Paseo de Bahamas, Rudy Project, Boracay Scuba, Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel, Ix Chel, La Carmela de Boracay Resort Hotel and Parkmall in Mandaue City, Cebu.

For more details, log on to

About NESCAFÉ 3in1 Soundskool
NESCAFÉ strongly believes in young, talented Filipinos. That’s why since 2005, NESCAFÉ 3in1 Soundskool has committed itself to discovering the best college bands and helping them become famous. Handa ka na bang sumikat? Log on to for competition guidelines, schedules and updates.

funny political images

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This is a forwarded email

As the election is nearly approaching, politicians have been ranting in public and in many ads such as in billboards, news items and in televisions. The following images are just examples of showing how popular politicians now including the famous boxer's mother turned actress .

Made for Life

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Once again after the First Bite, CBS were invited again for the second time around by Aboitizland Inc, and the tour was so so so fun and great.The ride was awesome. In this event we saw their state project the place was so big and beautiful. Even though they still building it up, but still it makes you relax and refresh your mind. On the FirstBite, they showed us the Persimmon the exciting challenge urban village and Pristina North, where you can live, work, play and shop. But this second tour they show not only this two beautiful places but more. They show us Molave Highlands, Mahogany Grove, North Town, Pueblo Verde and the Kishanta

Molave Highland, located on the hills of Consolacion, welcomes the family to a community that showcases build-ready and slope protected residential lots. The breeze and the spectacular views of the development, make staying at home an inspiring experience for your family.

Molave,is about 150 to 350 sq.m (1,614 to 3,766 sq.ft)
Mahogany Grove, is a 5.8-hectare residential development in Tawason Mandaue-Talamban area, Cebu City.

Pueblo Verde, is a public terminal has improved in Basak, Lapu-Lapu highway.

North Town Homes, AboitizLand’s first residential development is home to a close-knit community. In partnership with North Town property management, our vecinos actively make the neighborhood experience a dynamic one through organized activities for interaction. This safe, pleasant home environment is located in Cabangcalan, Mandaue City, conveniently accessible for our vecinos and their families. Kishanta, located on the hills of Talisay. Kishanta has a refreshing views of mountains, within the Kishanta community is Kishanta Zen Residences; a house and a lot enclave where where function meets design, and comfort meets luxury.

Kinshata, is about 55 to 100 sq.m (592 to 1,076 sq.ft) on an average lot size of 150 sq.m (1,614 sq.ft)
For more info just visit, if you wanna know something or ask something just visit there link at made for life

or contact them at

Pinoy Big Brother Double up Housemate

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Pinoy Big Brother Double Up “The Magic Reveal”

To those who did not watch Pinoy Big Brother double up revealing of the house mate just watch the video or just click the Photo to reveal the magic of the house mate...

Inday Kengkay ng Gen San (Click the Image to view)

Sassy Vamp ng Cebu (Click the Image to view)

Simpatikong Kusinero ng Batangas (Click the Image to view)

Richie Rich ng Cebu
(Click the Image to View)

Boy Astig ng Mindoro (Click the Image to View)

Struggling Mom ng Davao (Click the Image to view)

Romantic Stud ng Samar (Click the Image to view)

Young Widow ng Pampanga (Click the Image to view)

Conservative Pharmacist ng Tondo (Click the Image to view)

Reveal the Double Up

(Click the Image to view)

Reveal the Double Up
(Click the Image to view)

Multilingual Hottie From Japan

(Click the Image to view)

For more info just visit Pinoy Big Brother

Special thanks to the following
for the photo and info

for the photo and info

for the photo and info

for the video

Blair & Zyra Wedding Special

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Funny Dance Video

(our own version of wedding dance evo.)

( Click the Image to View )

After all the struggle we met and after all the storms we faced,
still, we are here and now for the last countdown,we will be united together with the blessing of the almighty GOD, To tie us together with love and guide us to the journey of life.

Here, I announce you the newly wed.couple of the month of September,day 26 of year 2009,
Mr. Jose Blair B. Arciete and Mrs. Zyra B. Arciete

( Click the Image to View )

( Spot the Groom hehehe. )

( Mark Thanks for helping... e link lang ko ninyo kung mag post namo hap...)

( Click the Image to View )

( Special thank to Prince Rayan , Agnes, Clarence, Miong and to all CBS member )

Photographer:Clarence Mongado, Prince Rayan Gilig and Lens by: Miong

Banner design: Prince Rayan Gilig

Video: Clarence Mongado

Wedding Planner: Jec Milmao


Belly Jean for the Amercanas

Lily's Garment for the Gowns

Aunt Cora for Shoes

Mommy/Ninang Perla for the bridal car, kitchen utensils, organizing the reception area

That's all Thanks

Happy B-day to me

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"Its Ma Birth Day"

Go, go, go, go
Go, go, go shawty
It's your birthday
We gon' party like it's my birthday
We gon' sip Bacardi like it's my birthday
And you know we don't give a fuck
It's not your birthday!

Marcos : I Shall Return??

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Click image

Have you heard the rumors about Ex-President Ferdinand Marcos being alive? Yes! He is said to be alive and kicking!!. It is said that he is just waiting for the right time to come out and return to the Philippines. I brought this up not because its been a big buzz now online but a friend also told me last friday their experience with her mother form a taxi driver. They were heading to the city and inside the taxi, they were discussing about going abroad since his husband just went to Qatar. Then the taxi driver just interrupted in their discussion saying "If I were you, I don't need to go abroad to find a better paying job because pres. Marcos is coming back to restore the wealth of our country and make us all rich again" They answered with a laughed, "Manong, Are you serious?" The driver answered with confidence "Yes, he is just nearby ( other country/island) and he is not really dead" He will be back soon to ask payment to those in debt from the Philippines . Remember that we used to be one of the richest country and US are just one of the countries in debt from us . He will be back to ask them to pay and he will also give better jobs to all filipino citizens without any qualifications required if hes a college graduate or whatsoever and stressed that everyone is fair in salary and opportunities. He will also uncover where the "Yamashita treasure" hidden".

Then the driver asked my friend to look at closely the 100 peso bill and asked to explained why in the bill shows the US flag carried down while the Philippine flag was raised. She did not answer and the driver explained it is because even before, the Philippines dominated other countries like the influential USA. Upon seeing them not truly convinced, the driver said " remember the date September 11? Why do the terrorist bomb the twin towers of USA?because they thought that Marcos is gone and there's no one to be afraid of...He will return.. our true savior againts poverty...Then my friend asked "Then how about the body which it was always seen on TV before ...dead...? He said that the truth was its not really F. Marcos but just one of the 5 clones of him and the true Marcos is still alive and well. With doubts, my friend and her mother just shut up and the driver said his final words .."Believe me and I'm serious, I knew all of these because I was once a driver of Marcos' son and family" They just ignored Manong and just headed to the city like they heard nothing

Do you find the story of manong driver convincing? Do you believe that Marcos is still alive? My friend remembered their experience when we saw the Ad of XXX (ABS-CBN) about a certain guy whom accused of being fake or fooling pepole that also have the same statements as the taxi driver with regard to Pres. Marcos' return. We asked if its the same person, she said "No". Is it possible that there are also groups behind it? a Pro-Marcos Cult? What can you say about this rumor? Well, we better watch XXX and find out or lets wait for any development about this issue.

Journey Of My Love

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Guest what? How long did i win my princess heart? Well, way back in high school . I am new in the school no body knows me. But there is a gurl who recognize my “attitude problem”, i don't now this gurl but every body in the campus knows her beauty. And it all started when she ask me to stop my goofiness, and on that time I think i have a crush on her because, I felt something strange that even i my self can;t explain what I felt. And every time i saw her around, I felt that strange feeling again. I try to tell her what i feel, but she ignores me, I try to do things to impress her but still it's not working. I got many new friends on that time, but still I'm not satisfied because of her. I try to be close to her friends so that I know what she like and not. When the time i get all i want to know, I send a letter to her so that she know that i like her, But it's useless because she did not believe that I'm the one who wrote the letter. And that time i felt my first rejection to a gurl I like.

Mark senya na hahaha
siya di ay akong karibal sauna.
But look us now where bestfriend
and siya akong ring bearer hahaha

Time past away, and at that time where only friends but still the feelings is strangling inside my heart, but I keep it, she got many admirers and most of her boyfriends are my closed friends, At first I am mad at her because, why my friends “pa?” and it really hurt me, but still I did not give up. Time comes and we all graduated in high school, and entered college. When I entered college, my life is so lonely and boring, I'd meet new friends, I find a gurl that accepted me but still its not enough. I send her a letter again just to try and for a change I'm the one who give it to him so that she will believe in me, I try to talk to her but still it's not working, I'm still “busted!”. When the time comes I meet a new gurl I made a plan to make her jealous to this new gurl i meet, I know it is bad because I used and hurt this gurl but it is my only way so that she will recognize me. I show to her that I have a gurlfriend now, and I will give up my feelings to her. And my plan was working, I feel she's jealous to that gurl and recognize me and at that time i make a move, I invite the tow gurls in my house. And that it my gurlfriend got mad at me and we broke up. After a month I text the gurl I really love and send a joke to her that “Would you be my gurlfriend?”. I was shock because she replied and say “ I try, but I'm not sure of my feelings but just wait”, I was so happy because finally she give me a chance, for six years I waited. A month after I text her, she finally accept me as her lover and I finally win for so long. I can't Imagine that I win her heart and for now where getting married this coming Sept. 26, 2009. And that is how long I win my princess heart. END...

Soundskool 2009
Made for Life

Made for Life
Happy B-day to me

Happy B-day to me
Journey Of My Love

Journey Of My Love
 Wedding Special

Wedding Special

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